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Irene’s family

Like any mother, Irene’s children are her everything.

Little Angels

Just covered a wedding earlier today, came home at about 4ish, downloaded the pictures, showered and sat myself down to go through what I had shot. And I absolutely couldn’t resist uploading this as a sneak peek. Aren’t they the cutest of cute??

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Becky turns 5!

Bubbles, Cinderella, and a Hello Kitty birthday cake in school with all her friends, what else can a birthday girl wish for.

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Lil' Ashley & Lil' Chloe

What can I say, aren’t my nieces sooooooo cute?? Love the twinkle in their eyes.

See you girls soon. *muack

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2009_Rebecca and Amanda

I love children and this was the first time i’m getting up and close and personal with the daughters of my dearest cousin, Wendy. Didn’t take long for these two princesses to warm up to Justin and I , with the help of deliciously colourful donuts of course. Really enjoyed my time with the girls, till next time we play, I’ll miss you both.

Upper East Coast, August 2009

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2009_Baby Meghan

Meet Meghan, daughter of Lishan and Eddy and god-daughter to Justin. So adorable. Looking forward to see you tomorrow at dinner sweetheart.

July 2009

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2009_Lil' Chole & Lil' Ashley

For the first time on my maternal side of the family, I am an uncle! And it was exactly a year ago when I took these pictures of the girls! Born in Melbourne, Australia; this lovely twins traveled to Singapore to meet the rest of the family. They were so little and so precious. And I especially love the smell of babies… so so comforting.

February 2009

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