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Botanic Gardens

With an overcast above me as I arrived at the Botanic Gardens, i thought… how perfect. And it was.

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Flirtatious Beauties: Orchids

Nature’s unique beauties…

Singapore Orchid Garden.

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Orchid Garden

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Cyrene Reef, September 2009

2009_Looking Up: Crown of Tree

Sometimes you’ll never know what you’re missing, right above our heads.

Mount Faber, July 2009

2009_Botanic Gardens

Magnificent Rain Tree

Tucked in a corner of Singapore’s shopping district, the Botanic Gardens provides a serene haven for nature lovers, dog walkers, joggers, picnic goers, families and of course photographers. I especially love spending my time there, not only because its a fantastic place for photo opportunities. There’s also this immediate sense of calmness when you enter the gardens and to be surrounded by greenery surely feels wonderful. Thought i’d share this with you, Casa Verde serves great pizzas, though I think they will need to work on their service abit more. Give them a try!

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2009_Chek Jawa

At sun rise, Chek Jawa never looked more beautiful.
Chek Jawa, March 2009.

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