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Category Archives: Places in Singapore

Photo of the day: Whampoa Dragon

Reminiscing a hidden gem in Singapore. I’d love to see this Whampoa Dragon brought ‘back to life’ as a fountain all over again. Wouldn’t you?

Whampoa Dradon

Looking Up: Gradient Roofing

Bringing life to an old neighborhood estate.


Little India

Little India has always been fascinating for me and for many others. A place rich in culture, sights, smells, taste and sounds that will intoxicate our senses one way or another.

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2009_Singapore Flyer

Sunrise at 0715hrs
Merlion Park, September 2009

2009_Boat Quay

One morning as i was making my way to the gym, I stopped by Boat Quay. It was nice and quiet with the sun raising from the horizon.

July 2009

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2009_Ford Road, East Coast Park

After waking early to photograph the sun rise at the Marina Barage one morning, I was only to be disappointed by cloudy skies but as the sun ascended into the sky, all became clear and bright. So i drove down to Ford Road and here are some scenes I captured on that beautiful morning.

June 2009

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2009_Raffles Hotel

Did you know that Raffles Hotel is reputedly where the sole surviving wild tiger in Singapore was shot and made extinct in 1902?

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2009_Guan Gong

Peering through the wooden window of Thian Hock Temple, revealed the a statue of the revered general Guan Yu otherwise known as Guan Gong. Guan Yu was deified during the Sui Dynasty is still being worshipped by Chinese people today, especially in southern China. He is respected as the epitome of loyalty and righteousness.

2009_Botanic Gardens

Magnificent Rain Tree

Tucked in a corner of Singapore’s shopping district, the Botanic Gardens provides a serene haven for nature lovers, dog walkers, joggers, picnic goers, families and of course photographers. I especially love spending my time there, not only because its a fantastic place for photo opportunities. There’s also this immediate sense of calmness when you enter the gardens and to be surrounded by greenery surely feels wonderful. Thought i’d share this with you, Casa Verde serves great pizzas, though I think they will need to work on their service abit more. Give them a try!

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2009_Chek Jawa

At sun rise, Chek Jawa never looked more beautiful.
Chek Jawa, March 2009.

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